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Step into a world where visionary women shape industries, break barriers, and inspire change, fostering a legacy of progress and prosperity for generations to come

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IWFCI South Africa

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IWFCI is a non-profit, non-government, member-based organisation. It was established with the purpose of supporting women entering business and developing trade across the globe. Today, IWFCI remains first and foremost an empowering opportunity for women to meet and engage with like-minded entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in a supportive network.

IWFCI Global Women's Trade Summit 2024

Johannesburg, South Africa 28-29 August 2024

Why Join Us?

Step into the future of women-led commerce at the IWFCI Global Women's Trade Summit 2024, an unparalleled gathering of visionaries, entrepreneurs, and business professionals set against the vibrant backdrop of Johannesburg. This summit is not just an event; it is a transformative experience designed to empower and elevate women in business on a global scale.

Networking Opportunities

Strategic Insights

Trade Initiatives

Investment Opportunities

We invite you to immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled networking, strategic insights, and empowerment. From thought-provoking discussions with trailblazing leaders to hands-on workshops that sharpen your skills, the IWFCI Global Women's Trade Summit 2024 is the epicenter of collaboration, innovation, and opportunity, where the future of women's economic empowerment is not only envisioned but actively shaped. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where connections are made, ideas flourish, and the path to success is illuminated for every businesswoman seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of international commerce.

Vino Pillay

Growing Women And Global Trade

Joint Certification: Global Trade Certificate Insights into Trade Practices Across Nations

Media Advisory: Global Trade Certificate A 30-hour online Joint Certification programme, organised by the South African chapter of the International Women's Federation of Commerce and Industry (IWFCI), will provide women entrepreneurs with knowledge on all aspects of international trade, how to plan short- and long-term activities to promote and sustain businesses, and how to build teams to expand businesses step-by-step in a multi-continental business environment. With a focus on training, mentoring, networking, and creating new business prospects through international summits and trade delegations, IWFCI South Africa has established its charter to expressly address the business needs of women entrepreneurs. The programme is supported by IWFCI Global, IWFCI India, and the Pillai Institute. Dates: 16 March, 23 March, 30, 6 April, 13 April Time: 08h30 -14h30 Please confirm attendance by contacting: Wini Akulay on +27671628338/events@iwfcisouthafrica.org and info@iwfcisouthafrica.org Click here to learn more>>>> Visit https://iwfcisouthafrica.org to learn more about the organisation.

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Investhers Forum

Investhers Forum: Nurturing Women-Led Startups

As International Women's Day approaches, we're thrilled to announce the Investhers Forum – a groundbreaking event dedicated to nurturing women-led …
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The IWFCI SA Women In Business Forum at Allan Gray

he audience at IWFCI SA' s Women In Business Forum engaged with a dynamic panel of speakers to learn more about changing mindsets towards money, …
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Newsflash: New IWFCI Board of Directors

Introducing our esteemed new IWFCI Board of Directors members of our board of directors, a group of visionary leaders who bring a wealth of …

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Tshepo Ncube, Managing Director of ABSA speaks about ABSA's Specialist Investor Services and International Banking Services

Tshepo Ncube, Managing Director of ABSA speaks about ABSA's Specialist Investor Services and International Banking Services
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Singapore and Asia Food Fair 2023: Trade Forum, Johannesburg

Singapore and Asia Food Fair 2023 and Trade Forum, Johannesburg
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Women's Month Feature by SA Chamber of Commerce Singapore

IWFCI SA Women's Month Feature by SA Chamber of Commerce Singapore.
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